Pre-Shipment Inspection

Inspection items

  • Frozen cargo
  • Types of liquid cargo
  • Types of cargo in bulk form
  • Types of bagged cargo
  • Types of baled cargo

Types of inspection

  • Visual inspection
  • Documentation review
  • Determination of quality and quantity of goods
  • Packing and marking checks
  • Checking for appropriate handling during loading
  • Checking the stowing, fastening and wedging on the means of transport
  • Supervision of loading operation
  • Tally of goods
  • Sampling for quality test
  • Inspection of technical parameters of refrigerated containers and electric generators of vehicles

Methods/ Processes and Standards

  • International and National Standards such as TCVN, ISO (Vias) 17020, ASTM/ ANSI, IMO, Commercial Law, Maritime Law, and conditions, rules and regulations of  the local countries.

Reports/ Certificates of Survey

  • Daily reports to the client on the progress of inspection with photos reflecting the condition of cargo, loading / discharging operations.
  • 24 hour detailed reporting to the client on any irregularities or any other abnormal situations that may affect quality or quantity of cargo.
  • Provision of certificates in accordance with ISO 17020.

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