EUROCONTROL Inspection Joint Stock Company works under the Business Registration Certificate No 0310874946 issued by Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City with the main scope of business as follows:

Cargo inspection (bulk cargo, packed cargo, consumer goods, garments, dangerous goods, fertilizers, agricultural products, animal feed materials, minerals, petroleum products/ liquefied gas, chemicals);

Container inspection (containerized cargo, pre-shipment, stowage and lashing); 

Marine inspection (on-hire/ off-hire vessel, draft survey, ship collison, marine safety conditions);

Damage inspection (damage to cargo, damage to hull and to vessel machinery);

Technical asset inspection (fire and explosion, damage to technical assets);

Machine and equipment inspection (machine and equipment, tank measurement and calibration); 

Inspection in the field of State management over Customs (import and export goods, Customs clearance of goods, synchronization of machinery, equipment and production lines);

Price appraisal (real estate, machinery and equipment);

and other types of inspections at the request of the clients.

With ISO 9001:2008 certification and accreditation as an inspection body for ISO/IEC 17020:2012, EUROCONTROL constantly monitors our quality management system which results in continuous improvements.

EUROCONTROL is an official member of Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), a Member of the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA), and a Board of Gold Member 2011 – 2014, Vietnam Enterprises.

With a team of senior technical specialists, surveyors and supervisors having overall understanding, in-depth knowledge, task-related experience, and being professionally trained in their fields, EUROCONTROL works as an independent inspection company. The aim of EUROCONTROL is to be the leading choice in providing professional inspection services in Vietnam and foreign countries, to build customer trust, to enhance customer value and concerned parties.

EUROCONTROL’s purpose of working is to maintain and to continuously improve our quality of inspection services.

Working under the motto:

 “Change for Better” EUROCONTROL is committed to bringing customers the excellent inspection services.



Address: 26G Le Quoc Hung St., Ward 12, Dist.4, HCMC, Vietnam

Hot line: 0939 33 28 38

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Address: 564 Bach Dang Road, Hai Ba Trung Dist., Ha Noi, Vietnam

Hot line: 090 343 5458

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